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Kuvings Newly Launched REVO Series Professional Cold Press Juicer

  • Patented JMCS Technology for Guaranteed Maximum Yield. Atleast 10 % more juice than any other Cold Press Juicer.

  • The 88mm feeding tube is designed to operate like a flap gate, whereas the NEW addition 43mm feeding tube is ideal for long-shaped fruits and veggies such as carrots or celery.

  • The NEW bladeless auger now contains a chopping mechanism that chops the ingredients before squeezing.

  • The NEW smart cap is efficient in helping you mix your juice in the bowl and stops juice leakage and drips.

  • Revo830’s newest motor is not only quieter, but more powerful and durable than the existing motors. It has an increased run time of up to 40-45 minutes.

  • Kuvings unique Green Cleaning Tool helps in cleaning the Juicer in less than a minute.

  • Free Home Service Across India. click on amazon link to buy the product

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